Baker Hill Core Principals

Leave the golf course in nicer condition than how you found it.
  • Repair all Ball Marks and divots

  • Rake Bunkers thoroughly

  • Repair your divots properly after practice

Respect the modernized traditions of the game.
  • Proper Attire

Appropriate golf attire is required for men, women and children, including slacks, skirts and golf shorts for women and golf shorts and trousers for men.  Athletic or short shorts, exercise clothing, bathing suits, blue jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, and cargo pants are unacceptable.  Mock Turtlenecks with a neck length of at least 1 ½"are acceptable.  Men's shirts should be tucked in while using all Baker Hill facilities.  Women's leggings are permitted as long as they are covered by a skirt.  Caps should be removed in the dining and lounge areas of the Clubhouse.  Caps worn in other parts of the Club should have brims facing forward.

  • Cell Phones

While non-verbal use of cell phones is permitted on Club grounds, texting and viewing emails can be distracting to fellow players and those around you in Club buildings, so common courtesy should prevail in the use of mobile devices.  Phones may be used for emergencies, but please deal with these situations discreetly (in your automobile).  Ringers should be turned off at all times when not in your automobile.

Play without delay.
  • The required pace of play for an average game/group of 4 golfers is 4 hours or less (from the time your entire group reaches the 1st tee, to the time your group finishes putting out on the 18th green).
  • Games/groups of 4 golfers are the preferred standard of play. Games/groups with fewer than 4 golfers may play and will likely play faster than the required pace but should not put pressure on a group ahead that is playing at, or better than, the required pace.
  • Games/groups of fewer than 4 golfers are encouraged to play any day before 8 am, or after 2 pm to avoid being slowed.
Treat others as you expect to be treated.
Enjoy your Club!

These shared core values are presented to help make sure EVERYONE (members and guests) enjoy their each and every visit. We all take a great deal of pride in everything about our Club and while not everything is always perfect, it is safe to say that everyone  associated with Baker Hill wants and is trying to make it perfect. Enjoy your time while here and do your part to keep our Club great!

101 Baker Hill Road, Newbury, NH 03255 Phone: (603) 763-8900