Helpful Reminders

  1. Take care of the golf course
    • Properly fix all ball marks, divots, and bunker disturbances.
    • Follow all cart signs, including keeping all four wheels on the cart paths near the tees and greens.
    • Return bunker rakes to their original location.
  2. Play without delay
    • Play ready golf.
    • An average round of four golfers should take four hours or less.
  3. Safety first
    • There is a maximum of two riders per cart.
    • A driver's license is required to use a cart or tempo walk.
    • Remove the key when leaving a young child or an unlicensed driver in a golf cart.
  4. Take care of the practice facilities.
    • Practice balls may not leave the driving range or short game area under any circumstances.
    • Properly repair your divots at the range and short game area after you practice.
    • Please only hit from the area directly between the white dividers.
    • If the club you are using causes the ball to go past the net, please use less club.
    • Putt only on the putting green.
  5. Check the website, including "Member Central," before making golfing or dining plans.
  6. Help us to help you
    • Walkers, please return your sand bottle at the end of your round.
    • Riders, please return your golf cart with both towels.
    • Riders, please dispose of all trash in the trash barrels on the golf course; do not leave it in the golf cart.
  7. You are responsible for your guest's observance of all Club rules.
  8. Members are responsible for posting their scores.
  9. Members and guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to the course.
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